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Are you interested in primary care research? Do you want be part of a dynamic research team, co-design projects, and learn more about research methods? Come and join us and be part of an innovative network of Researchers, GPs, Registrars, Practice Managers, Practice Nurses and Healthcare Professionals who want to be involved in practice-based research. We need you to help deliver quality research that is relevant to practice and that can assist you to deliver the best primary care to your patients.

Being involved in the network could present opportunities to conduct activities that qualify for  QI PIP and the opportunity to count towards CDP Activities for the RACGP CPD Triennium.

Any researcher wishing to conduct research with or through GoldNet Research Network must please download and complete the form. Completed applications can be sent to

Current Active Projects - Seeking Recruitment


Prostate Cancer Screening Tests

Researchers at the University of Sydney/Bond University are inviting GPs to take part in a research study aiming to codesign a new model of care – ‘delay and consider’ – for prostate cancer screening.

Image by Angiola Harry

Cancer screening in older adults


Researchers at the University of Sydney are interested in hearing from GPs who are practising in Australia about their approaches to breast, cervical, prostate and/or bowel cancer screening in older adults aged 70 years or older.

Thinking Man on Couch



This cluster randomised trial, funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council, is exploring whether asking patients in general practice about depressive symptoms and providing this information to their GP improves identification and appropriate treatment of depression and leads to improved mental health outcomes for patients.

Doctor and Patient

Patient role in interprofessional collaborative practice


Bond University is conducting a qualitative research study involving primary healthcare professionals and their experiences with interprofessional collaborative practice for chronic conditions. GPs are invited to participate in the interview study aiming to explore their experiences of patient involvement in team care.

Improve image.jpg



This NHMRC funded randomised controlled trial, aims to increase the delivery of evidence-based care by GPs in treating patients with a work-related mental health condition. GPs will improve their care for these patients, and engage with peers and key opinion leaders as part of the intervention – which is designed to implement the RACGP endorsed ‘Clinical guideline for the diagnosis and management of work-related mental health conditions in general practice’.


Other Active Projects


Antimicrobial Resistance Project


There are several effective interventions that reduce the use of antibiotic prescribing in primary care, however each are different and might potentially work best if matched to practitioners with different needs. But we don’t know a couple of things.