Journal Clubs

Would you like to discuss the evidence relevant to your daily clinical practice, share your experience, brush up your critical appraisal skills, earn points claimable for registrars’ supervision activities, and have great fun!

Join the other GP practices that we support in running regular chat to discuss evidence relevant to their practice “Journal Club”.

As a valued member of our network, we are delighted to be offering our JCs online as well as still being able to support you to run these events in your practice.  We will provide you with the best available evidence answering your clinical question, guidance on the appraisal and the interpretation of the research evidence, and tools to foster the implementation of the evidence into practice.  

Previous topics and questions discussed include:

  • The use of journal clubs to teach evidence-based medicine to health professionals: A systematic review and meta-analysis (listen to audio below).

  • Is cranberry juice effective for treating or preventing UTIs?

  • What is the evidence for turmeric for treating or preventing depression?

  • Magnoplasm for drawing out skin infection or splinters

Please join us by subscribing to our network for and educational and engaging JC, either online or F2F - we look forward to seeing you!


*NB: If there is a particular research question you would like to suggest for any of our JCs please contact us.


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