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What makes a good doctor


Do you have time for an interview on your experience of exceptionally good doctors? It would take 15-30 minutes, depending on how much you would like to say.
I am a PhD Student at the Institute for Evidence-Based Healthcare at the School of Medicine at Bond University conducting a qualitative study. The study involves asking medical doctors questions about exceptionally good doctors. The answers are de-identified.
The interview can be done via Zoom, or, if you prefer and it is possible, at a location of your choosing in person.
My PhD supervisor and I have recently conducted two systematic reviews and a methodological review on doctors’ effect on patients’ physical health. We found evidence of a doctors’ effect after all known factors have been taken into account, such as patient risk, doctors’ experience, hospital details, etc. 
The next stage of my PhD research is to collect qualitative data from medical doctors on their experiences of exceptionally good doctors. The aim of the study is to describe exceptional doctors.
Please feel free to call me on  +61 415 888 884 or +61 2 6624 4242 or email me on if you have any questions or would like any clarifications.
A link to the consent form if you would like to go ahead is: Link to Qualtrics Survey 


Christoph Schnelle MBiostats
PhD Student, Institute of Evidence-Based Healthcare, Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine, Bond University


Participant Information Sheet

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