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Digital health support for people with chronic pain reducing opioid dose

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Researchers at the University of Sydney are conducting a Clinical Trial of Digital Support For People With Chronic Pain Who Are Reducing Prescription Opioids.

This randomised controlled trial tests whether digital support can benefit patients with chronic pain who wish to reduce their opioid dose. Patients are randomly assigned to two groups and will receive two forms of a digital intervention providing education, motivation, and emotional support. The intervention is designed to be delivered alongside usual care, not in place of usual care. Patients reduce their dose under clinical supervision of their doctor. Pilot research indicates that patients who are tapering their dose of prescription opioids find this digital intervention useful and supportive. The study is approved by the NSLHD Ethics committee [2022/ETH01795].

Your support for this trial is greatly appreciated. You can help by placing flyers (provided with this email) in your practice waiting room or refer patients to the study website ( so that patients who are interested in reducing their opioid dose can be informed about this study.

To view more information about this study, please visit If you have any questions, please feel free to email or contact this phone number 0480 490 896.

**Please click on the below flyer to download a copy to hand out to patients**



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