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Targeting Treatable Traits in COPD to Prevent Hospitalisations (TERRACOTTA)
(Project ID: 28062) 


COPD was the top cause of preventable hospitalisations for chronic diseases in Australia in 2016-17. ‘Treatable traits’ refer to individually assessing patients for a specified set of treatable problems, followed by the development and implementation of an individualised treatment program. Identification of treatable traits in COPD, in particular the severity, activity and impact, are crucial in the provision of an individualised treatment programme for reducing the burden of COPD. General practice (primary care) is best placed to embed strategies to prevent hospitalisations through the provision of appropriate individualised preventive interventions. In the TERRACOTTA trial, disease management targeting treatable traits will be delivered by an interdisciplinary team of general practitioners (GPs), practice nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists and other allied health professionals. This multidisciplinary team of investigators have already demonstrated the real-world effectiveness of interdisciplinary interventions for COPD in primary care. The proposed cluster randomised trial will be the first of its kind offering tailored interventions targeting treatable traits in COPD in individuals at risk of exacerbations, to improve quality of life and avoid hospitalisations. Our findings will inform clinical practice and facilitate continuous quality improvement in the care of patients with COPD. 

Investigators are seeking expression of interest from general practice clinics with at least 500 patients in their database and that have a practice nurse or are able to accommodate a practice nurse, to deliver the tailored intervention targeting treatable traits in COPD or provide usual care. Upon recruitment into the trial, clinics will be randomised to the intervention or usual care.

Link to the explanatory statement.

If you are interested in being part of the TERRACOTTA trial or want to know more about the trial, please contact: 

C: Claire Sidlow 


P: 0497066109 


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