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The RACGP has been developing an exciting new resource for GPs and patients with the working title of the Black book. I am pleased to advise that the resource now has an official name, First Do No Harm: A guide to choosing wisely in general practice. Both Prof Mark Morgan and Dr Michael Tam are co-chairing this project.


We have developed a brief survey, in order to help inform what information is needed for both GPs and patients. The resource will provide advice on medical interventions:

  • where there is little or no evidence of benefit which may cause harm to the patient;

  • where the patient would be better off without the intervention.


The survey (with some further information) is available below if you would like to complete it yourself, however, if you would also like to share the survey with your networks, it would be much appreciated.


Survey link –


Below are links to a number of other helpful resources:

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